Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson 8 x 10 signed photo

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I have had an excellent framer for many years and I would be happy to take care of framing of your item(s)
Your frame will include a museum quality frame and a double suede matt with a brass name plaque and protective UV plexiglass so needs of worrying about broken glass

I grew up in the Los Angeles area during the days of Dr J, Larry Bird, and Ervin Magic Johnson, I was lucky enough to have two NBA franchises in town the Los Angeles Clippers who played at the Sports Arena and the Los Angeles Lakers at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood. During those times getting NBA signatures was easy once you new where the teams stayed such as the Marriott on Century near Los Angeles International Airport, or the Hotels in Marina Del Rey like the Ritz Carlton or the Hyatt. Not to mention The Lakers and visiting teams would practice at Loyola Marymount University or UCLA , then there was the Private Terminal at Los Angeles international Airport which was completely accessible even during the days of Michael Jordan era and many of the NBA teams even flew commercial ! My point is it was a complete rush to have such an incredible opportunity to meet NBA stars and obtain there signatures. Eventually I started traveling to different cities and NBA ALLSTAR games to obtain signatures. It became an addiction and a goal of mine to get as many signatures as possible.
The items which you are viewing all come from years of my collecting obsession. They have been preserved in excellent condition and my photos have all been signed in permanent sharpie marker.
I kept a detailed calendar of when and where I obtained my signatures and with the Certificate of Authenticity which you will receive with your purchase. I will provide you with these details. This will enable you shop with confidence and peace of mind as you will be guaranteed that I personally witnessed and obtained the signature(s).
This item is certain to make for a great conversation piece, an incredible addition to any collectors collection, and a valuable collectible which is certain to appreciate with time.
My original intention was to display my collection in my Man Cave and office but I soon ran out of space and eventually downsized my residence and I now have far less space to display my Awesome collection. Accordingly I have had my collection sitting in a storage facility (see photo above) for quite some time. I feel as though I am just throwing my money away !! So I decided my best option was to liquidate my prized collectibles and give others the opportunity to enjoy them as I have. This is why my items are priced extremely inexpensively.

Customer questions & answers

Will I receive the exact item pictured here?

Yes my items are all one of kind obtained over 40 plus years of collecting signatures
and come from my personal collection.

How do I know the item is real?

I obtained all the signatures which I am offering for sale personally or an agent of my company, a friend or family member whom I witnessed obtained the signature(s) in my presence.
I will provide certification which provides precise details regarding date and location of where signature(s) were obtained.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back ( with in 30 days of purchase )

Will you include signing photo if one is posted ?

Yes you will receive the original hard copy of the signing pic without the writing as posted here, as stated my items are one of a kind so I am happy to provide fellow collectors with the signing photo when ever they are available.

Why is this item so inexpensive ?

There are two very simple answers. #1 I rarely paid for my signatures as my hobby over the period of 40 years was to track down celebrities and have the marvelous feeling of the interaction and the accomplishment of having a unique experience compared to my friends and family.
#2 My collection has become overwhelming, I don't have the space to display and I would rather not waist my money on storage fees as my priorities have changed and I am certain other collectors will find much enjoyment from my Awesome collectibles. So as we say it is a Win Win situation.

What is the condition of the item?

I have preserved my items and always taken care of them so everything I offer is in pristine condition unless otherwise noted.

How do we ship & When will I receive my item ?

Shipping is always free ( with in the USA)

We ship with in 24- 48 hours of item purchased ( unless it is a weekend Friday after 1pm pacific time - through Sunday)

USPS , FEDEX , OR UPS ground

I personally ship each and every item so I ship as if it was my own with tender loving care and with an eye to detail so as to make sure the item will never be damaged.

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