2022-2023 Fantasy Football Undervalued Running Backs – Who Should I Draft?

1. The highest place on our list is the most promising rookie running back of last year, Alabama's Najee Harris. A.J. Harris, the Pittsburgh Steelers' top fantasy prospect, is expected to have an entire season as the back with three downs within the Steel City this year. In addition to the huge upside that he brings by his speed, He also can catch passes with a high rate of success that will propel him ahead of others in the backfield within a PPR system. If Mitch Trubisky or Kenny Pickett throws the ball this season, there will be many opportunities.


2. The following running back is an ex-Seminole and present Viking, Dalvin Cook, who, having suffered a minor injury in the last season, is hoping to return to the top spot as a player to watch in the fantasy league of running backs. As with Najee, Dalvin also catches with a high frequency. In the Minnesota Vikings offense, with a strong leadership team of Kirk Cousins with two downfield players, Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, there is plenty of space to run on the underside routes. Dalvin Cook can be an issue when he faces one-on-one linebackers. The player also has more potential as a runner who has high-end breakaway speed. However, because of his injuries that are still lingering, he's just 2nd on our list.


3. We can count Cleveland Browns running back, former Georgia Bulldog, Nick Chubb He is expected to be given a significantly increased workload after his suspension from Deshaun Watson. The presence of Jacoby Brissett is a great backup. However, the Browns will look too heavy on their excellent offensive line, with Chubb operating the ball. Although Chubb is a top 5 run-back, he does not have top 5 receiver skills as some other RB1s, and the Browns are looking to get Chubb off the field during those long third downs.


4. The 4th running back on our roster will be Tennessee Titans monster running back Derrick Henry. Henry is undoubtedly one of the league's fastest and most influential players. These qualities keep Henry at the top of the line during his seventh season. He is a regular in the running for over 2500 yards. He was able to surpass the mark in just sixteen games in 2020. The Titans have traded their top player, A.J. Brown, for the Philadelphia Eagles, so that will decrease their passing efficiency, but it will also force them to depend on Henry to carry the load.


5. The 5th position is occupied by Kansas City Chiefs back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who begins 2022's season with a lot of work. After suffering an injury this season, he is expected to bounce back with a successful season. This LSU Tigers superstar was a huge rookie. However, he did not wow the fantasy players last year. We expect Clyde to have a great third season following the loss of Tyreek Hill, who was part of the team's dynamic offense. There is plenty of work to be done around, and this should assist in getting Edwards-Helaire back to its average pace.


6. The sixth place in our ranking comes from Baltimore Ravens running back J.K. Dobbins, hoping to rebound in 2022. He injured his knee in the preseason and missed the entire season. The offense relies heavily on running backs transferring the load to open the other playbooks. Dobbins has been a star throughout his college career playing with his team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and has been running similar read-option schemes with great success. Dobbins appears healthy heading into training camp and offers huge potential to fantasy players.


7. Jacksonville Jaguars' second-year RB Travis Etienne Jr. is the seventh player in our ranking of running backs undervalued. Etienne, as well as Dobbins before him, was left out for the whole 2021 season. In contrast to Dobbins, Etienne doesn't have the same record that fantasy managers can rely on. However, even with the unknown, we are thrilled with how Etienne is a part of the Jaguars' offense. James Robinson tore his Achilles in December, which has opened the way for Etienne to receive all his touches till Robinson gets back to 100 percent. Nobody knows the exact timeframe regarding this injury; therefore, until there is more news, it is a good sign for the worth of Travis Etienne in fantasy teams. Robinson could be the most in-demand player if Etienne can handle the load.


8. The eighth place goes to Najee Harris' elder sister, New England Patriots running back Damien Harris. Harris was the fantasy breakout of 2021 who scored fifteen touchdowns in the Mac Jones-led Patriots. The Patriots have used an approach of committees to the backfield position for a considerable time, and this method usually causes fantasy managers massive headaches. But, Damien Harris looks to advantage over the other committee members, Rhamondre Stevenson, Ty Montgomery, and Pierre Strong Jr. Harris may not be able to score 15 points. Still, he'll score plenty, with Bill Belichick consistently trying to throw down the ball to the goal zone, even playing in red zones.


9. Super Bowl LVI Champion Cam Akers is our top running back, but he isn't valued enough. Akers, entering his third season out of FSU, is expected to play as his team's Los Angeles Rams starting back for Week One, despite his injury last season. Darrell Henderson is a good backup but should not take too much of the workload of Akers, who proved that he is a running back this potent offense can rely on. Akers is the whole package and could also be a threat in the passing game. Akers is being considered in fantasy leagues from the top and could aid in winning games this year.


10. Our final spot is reserved for Georgia Bulldogs National Champion, Buffalo Bills rookie James Cook. Cook is the younger brother of Dalvin and is currently in a great position, similar to his brother. Devin Singletary may be the running back starting for the Bills, but James Cook looks to be the most popular third-down running back to Josh Allen. Gaining the shortest first downs following Allen's ability to make plays can give him more pockets. James Cook is getting drafted relatively low in most drafts and can offer the top 20 running back potential when playing PPR.