Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof

Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof

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Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday LP signed with proof $349 or $549 framed.

We offer amazing hand-crafted museum quality framing/shadow boxes at wholesale pricing with the frame we include a gold plaque commemorating the artist(s) accomplishments, photos of the artists(s), we use plexiglass and double suede matts, and we even work with our customer regarding special requests such as type of frame or particular photos.

We have shipped many framed guitars accordingly we have become experts in protecting them.
The process generally takes between 7-10 days to complete however during the Holiday rush it is best to allow two weeks.

We do ship internationally but there will be an additional charge for shipping generally speaking around $250 dollars extra.

If you would like to take advantage of this incredible offer, just email me and I will adjust the price so you can make the purchase.​

I grew up in Southern California and have many family members there and this is where I was able go to many movie premieres and film sites which gave me the opportunity to meet many actors and actresses from Hollywood.
Over the last several years with the Covid situation things have changed dramatically and and this is giving me an opportunity take an inventory of my collection and also Focus on new achievements outside of my everlasting love of collecting signatures.

This being said I am happy the offer a number of my personal one-of-a-kind Collectibles to the public.

Well, I have been collecting signatures for more than 50 years and it has been a passion from earliest recollections my whole lifetime.

I am somewhat new to the internet world and particularly the unique dynamic which exists where the public judges you with their reviews. I can say over the last year it has been a marvelous experience and I have worked very hard to honor each and every order and each and every customer demands and requests and I feel as though my level of success speaks for itself. As they say the proof is in the pudding.

However, I learned recently that at times an individual can make false accusations and attempt to discredit your good standing without providing any factual information via the platform of reviews.

When evaluating my track record please take this into consideration and recognize that I have no recourse when an individual decides to post something negative.
What I would like to express to my customers and my future customers is that I always put the customer first and I can assure you that when dealing with my company you will receive excellent customer service and genuine products which are supported by factual signing information as well as photos of the celebrity signing.

Customer questions & answers
Will I receive the exact item pictured here?
Yes, my items are all one of kind obtained over 40 plus years of collecting signatures
and come from my personal collection.

How do I know the item is real?
I obtained all the signatures which I am offering for sale personally or an agent of my company, a friend or family member whom I witnessed obtained the signature(s) in my presence.

I will provide certification which provides precise details regarding date and location of where signature(s) were obtained.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back (with in 30 days of purchase)
Will you include signing photo if one is posted?

Yes, you will receive the original hard copy of the signing pic without the writing as posted here, as stated my items are one-of-a-kind, so I am happy to provide fellow collectors with the signing photo whenever they are available.

Why is this item so inexpensive?
There are two very simple answers. #1 I rarely paid for my signatures as my hobby over the period of 40 years was to track down celebrities and have the marvelous feeling of the interaction and the accomplishment of having a unique experience compared to my friends and family.

#2 My collection has become overwhelming; I don't have the space to display, and I would rather not waist my money on storage fees as my priorities have changed and I am certain other collectors will find much enjoyment from my Awesome collectibles. So, as we say it is a Win-Win situation.

What is the condition of the item?
I have preserved my items and always taken care of them so everything I offer is in pristine condition unless otherwise noted.

How do we ship & when will I receive my item?
Shipping is always free (with in the USA)
We ship with in 24- 48 hours of item purchased (unless it is a weekend Friday after 1pm pacific time - through Sunday)

I personally ship each and every item so I ship as if it was my own with tender loving care and with an eye to detail so as to make sure the item will never be damaged.

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